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1. Do you sell your pictures to the public?

a. We have a very strict Client Privacy Policy. We never sell prints unless authorized by our clients. However, if a client permits, we can usually negotiate a sale of any print. E-mail us for prices.

2. If I want a photo shoot can I choose

the location?

a. Absolutely,(within a reasonable distance 0-50 miles), we encourage our clients to be creative and involved with this process as much as we are.

3. Does the fee for a foto shoot include

any free prints?

a. Each package deal includes prints. For more detailed info go to the fotos page.

4. What type of music do you generally

produce and record?

a. We have worked with all genres and love many musical styles -- from reggae to alternative, Hip-Hop to classical.

5. When is payment for studio time

expected and do you accept payment


a. Payment is due after each session. However, we try to accommodate everyone as much as we can as we don't want to interrupt the music so payment plans are available. Please E-mail us for further concerns on this topic.

6. How can I purchase ToyVan music?

a. Music is available by request from Al or Isaac personally via E-mail or written correspondence

7. Where can I purchase ToyVan


a. Visit our online store to purchase T-shirts, mugs, sweaters and other official ToyVan gear. You can also personalize any of the items in our store with personal images, logos and text. Visit the ToyVan MEdia commerce store and take a look around. We are constantly updating our products so check back often.

8. Who designed your web site?

a. ToyVan MEdia's web site was designed by Isaac and Al. They would love to create a web site for you too. If you would like more information on getting a personal, business or 'just for fun' web site made, contact them at

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****If you would like personalized merchandise from our store, i.e. pictures of your family, pets or personalized logos, signs etc. we can do it for you!! Just E-mail us and tell us what you'd like************

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