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about toyvan


ToyVan Media is dedicated in helping all artists and

musicians achieve a musical production that they can be

110% satisfied with.

We offer a very friendly and comfortable environment

and welcome anyone who shares a passion for music to

come and record with us.

Whether you're a seasoned musician or just a beginner,

we produce and engineer high quality recordings from

start to finish, demos to full blown albums.

We believe that the making of music should be a relaxed

and creative process, not forced and over thought. We'll

help you to be as relaxed and as creative as you want, or

don't want to be.


We do not sell gear and leather couches in

order to gain your business, but rather SKILLS,

KNOWLEDGE, and QUALITY! We love what we do,

and that's the difference!!



Pricing varies for each project, as our clients needs are

always unique.

Each project requires special attention and we try to

accommodate any need you might have.

The following are just a few things to consider when

beginning your project that will affect pricing:


Do you need session players for your project?

We can provide seasoned musicians for you from

drummers to guitarists and produce backing tracks

ready for vocals.


Do you need additional vocalists for harmonies and


We have female and male vocalists ready to make your

tracks sound full and give them that feel & groove you

might be looking for.


Do you need help in writing lyrics and composing your


We have written and produced many genres of music

and would glady help turn your idea into beautiful music.


The following is a general guideline for hourly rates and service:

-Studio time *$35-$50 per hour

-Post production(mixing/mastering) $35 per hour

-Original beats(hip-hop, R&B, house, funk, classical) $250-

$1,000 per track

-Voice overs $35 per hour

-Session players/singers **$50-$100 per hour

-Bottled water & laughter FREE!!!

*Studio time prices vary depending on artist's/band's individual needs

**Price may vary depending on session artist


We also offer single song and/or full album production

packages at a set rate. E-mail us for more details


*If 20 hours or more of studio time is booked we require

25% in advance and the balance paid upon completion of

project or after each session.


Direct all music to


"One of the most professional music oriented companies I've had the pleasure of working with by far! "

Markilo Allen

(CEO Redlight Musik)








"Thanks for all the hard work and overtime you put into all my projects! I can really tell you love what you do! "

DJ Cellephane ~

"We spent over $10,000 for our album at a local studio and we weren't very happy with the final product... the song we just recorded at ToyVan Studios sounds 100 times better and it hasn't even been mixed and mastered."


(lead singer- Force Of Habit)

"My experience with ToyVan has been exceptional. Al really takes the time to help you in every aspect of your music, whether that be producing, helping with harmonies, or playing instruments to liven your track. I feel very comfortable working with him on my project because I know I will receive honest criticism, as well as perfection and professionalism. I would highly recommend ToyVan to anyone who is serious about having a high quality sounding album"

Shelbi Gomez


"I feel very comfortable recording at ToyVan Studios. The environment is very relaxed and pressure"

Cole (hip-hop artist)

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